Dentist in Rancho Palos Verdes and San Pedro, CA

Welcome to the practice of Ed G. Angulatos, D.D.S.

I operate an old fashioned one-man practice while doing high-tech modern Dentistry.

Why Choose My Practice?

  • I respect your time.
    I never over-book, which means that you rarely, if ever, have to wait to be seated. We have a mutual understanding to respect each other’s time. Once you are here, my full attention is focused on you. I am not going from room to room working on multiple patients concurrently.

  • I offer high-tech modern dentistry.
    My practice uses high power scopes to enhance the precision of your care. Some of the technology I use includes clear digital imaging by digital x-rays or intraoral cameras that give me enlarged detailed images. These details could be otherwise missed by standard mirror examinations.

  • I follow a strict safety protocol.
    This is a no-brainer; we practice everything that is legally and ethically required! To be specific, my practice follows the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA) protocol. HIPPA creates the national standard to protect your medical records and personal health information, while OSHA standardizes training, education, and assistance to maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

  • I maintain strict infection control.
    Again, we practice everything legally and ethically required. For infection control, this includes following procedures established by OSHA, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). I do all that I can to keep you healthy!

  • I offer advanced sedation techniques for your comfort.
    Computerized dental anesthesia is a computer-controlled method I use for sedation. It is vastly more comfortable than a traditional syringe, and so preferred by my patients. As always, your comfort is of utmost importance!

Are you ready to smile with confidence again?

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My Specialties:


Dental implants look, feel, and function just like regular teeth. They can help you regain your confidence; you will be able to speak, eat, laugh, and smile freely! Change the way you live. Call my office to schedule a consultation! Ed G. Angulatos, D.D.S. Phone Number 310-832-8309


Over time, our teeth can wear down, break, or become misshapen. Crowns restore smiles by providing structure and support while looking completely natural. Call my office for an appointment! Ed G. Angulatos, D.D.S. Phone Number 310-832-8309


When tooth loss occurs due to accident, age, or disease, we are prepared to repair your smile and ease your pain. In many cases, a bridge is the best solution to replace a missing tooth. I take pride in assessing each individual’s specific needs while providing information that helps guide your decision-making, and I am ready to discuss options with you. Call today! Ed G. Angulatos, D.D.S. Phone Number 310-832-8309

My practice is a provider for the following local organizations:

  • ADA

  • CDA 

  • Harbor Dental Society